There are three mailbox sizes from USPS. Please, first, choose size, which you want to have. All prices depends from size you want and additinal details, if you want to add something.

There are sizes:

                  LENGTH        WIDTH         HEIGHT


  1. Small:      18 1/2"         5"             6"

  2. Medium   19 1/2"       6"             7"

  3. Large      22 1/2"         8"            11  1/2"


Also, if you're interested in ordering a mailbox with custom sizes, like jumbo, or you definitely know something custom you want - I can do anything, just let me know.

Starting prices for mailboxes   -   $350.    For the small size without any additional details. Examples of add-ons you can see on my page here. Page still under construction and I fill it every time. for example, you may order any kind of metal forged family name, or any letters, sculptures, different - for making your mailbox more unique. Let me know if you want to have something, but not sure what - and we'll make one of a kind art piece for you! Anyway, you'll have the most beautiful and unique art mailbox!

Mailboxes after installation

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